Saturday, March 4, 2017


Hello everyone! :) This week has been pretty good and I am feeling more and more confident that our area is going to start to progress very soon. We are making good changes so that we can help our area and find people to teach about the Savior. I have been called as a district leader and will also be finishing Elder Nelson's training. So, first there were 3 and now there are two. It's the first time on my mission that I've had a traditional companionship of 2 elders. I'm looking forward to working hard with Elder Nelson.

Elder Nelson and I with the unplanned matching
We spent Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday on campus seeking. We had exchanges on Wednesday with the office elders and Elder Gosset and I spent a full day at UCR contacting students. The highlight was Thursday when we met two awesome people at UCR. We met Jamie, who is from Taiwan. She had a lot of interest when we contacted her but we haven't been able to get a hold of her to schedule an appointment. We also met Han Di Xiong. We have an appointment scheduled with him for tomorrow morning. Please pray for both of them! We have been talking to a lot of people on campus and we have faith that we will find those who are prepared here. 

On Friday we had another exchange with our zone leaders. All three of us (Elder Willes, Elder Nelson and Elder Zeng) went to our zone leaders area. Elder Nelson and I went out and worked with Elder Hagler while Elder Zeng went and worked with Elder Luthy. It was a fun day of seeking with faith, contacting potential investigators, and trying to visit less-actives! 

Our zone

On Saturday we had our weekly blitz. It's my first blitz since arriving in this area. I've missed them. It was awesome! Elder Zeng, Elder Nelson and I were able to find 2 referrals to give to the missionaries serving in that area. It was great! 

Sunday was awesome. Sundays, on the mission, are so great. I have really gained a new perspective of the Sabbath Day. I am so grateful for it. The Sabbath Day is special, and intended to be different; a day set apart so we can partake of the sacrament, and renew sacred covenants. It is a day that strengthens you and makes you stronger. We also tried to visit a referral Yu Wei, who the University Heights elders found this last week. She didn't answer though. :( Pray for her as well please.

On Monday Elder Zeng goes home. I have learned a lot from him. I know it was not easy for him to serve a mission, and yet he did. I am thankful to know him and to have served with him. Elder Hao Tain Zeng is from Chengu, China and joined the church in Hong Kong when he was 13. 

The Li family from my last area were sealed in the temple this last week. I love them.

Work hard at home. I'm working hard here. I feel like over these next couple of weeks we will begin to see a lot of success. I am excited! I love this work, and I am so eternally thankful for this opportunity to serve. Love you all have a great week!

Elder Willes 

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