Monday, June 26, 2017


"We were all so grateful that we listened to the Spirit."

Hello everyone!!! This week has been another amazing one!

First off, I just wanted to give a little shout out to Kenz, who was called to serve in the ALPINE GERMAN SPEAKING MISSION!!!!!!! So excited for you!!! I testify and know that Heavenly Father calls us to a people, and that He is in the details of everyday missionary life. He matches our attributes, talents, gifts, and other qualities to specific people who need the light and hope of Jesus Christ. 

Congrats to Sister Kenzie Kasteler

Some sad news, they are breaking up the trio. :( Elder Crowther was transferred to Corona, to serve as an English speaking missionary. It is sad for sure, but I know that he will do a great job, and we will be able to serve around each other again. I am excited to continue to serve with Elder Nelson! Here is how my week went down!

Our week started Monday evening with a lot of time out seeking with faith, trying to find the prepared Chinese souls. Tuesday morning we had our weekly DLC and DDM meetings. It was awesome! We also had an exchange with the Eastvale English Elders. Elder Cousineau and I went and worked in their area. We spent most of the day out seeking and trying to visit with former investigators. That night, we taught one of their investigators, Tony Garcia. Tony hasn't been coming to church recently and so we tried to address his concerns and answer some of his questions. It was a pretty good lesson!! Wednesday was another day of exchanges. I went out with Elder Brown (my Zone Leader) and worked that area with him. The day was full of more seeking with faith and visiting former investigators in their area. We also had a home visit with a really cool family in the Jurupa Ward -  the Turner's! 

Elder Brown and Elder Willes making a contribution to the free book exchange library

We taught Jacky this week. He is a referral from the Arcadia missionaries. We met him in the middle of the 99 Ranch Chinese Market and taught him several points about the Restoration. He really loved it! He is a cool guy. Please pray for him! It is amazing that missionary work and the spirit can be felt anywhere and anytime if we are ready.

Friday night after our English class we had a really good lesson with Michael Xu. He has progressed so much over the last couple of weeks. Please pray for him as well! He is scheduled for baptism on 7/2 but we will most likely have to change his date! We had an awesome lesson with Christine, Xiong Di Xiong's 10 year old daughter. We taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and put her on date for baptism on 7/9!!!!! We are also super excited for her. Please also add her to your prayers. This week we met with Winter and Catherine again and taught them about the importance of families. It was another good lesson!

Sunday was amazing! We had 4 investigators come to church. Michael, Shanon, Christine and Vivian all came! It was so so so awesome. We also picked up 4 new investigators on Sunday! We drove all the way down to Hemet to meet with Cher, a referral that we received from missionaries down there. We taught her and her friend, Wendy, about the Restoration. We taught them in a restaurant that they own - China Garden. It reminded me of Yang Chow in downtown LA!!! It was a great lesson. Sunday night, we also met with Steven and Jerry, some guys that we met recently at Orchard Park, and taught them about the Restoration. At the end of the lesson, we were sharing with them Moroni 10. We asked Steven to read verses 3-5, and instead he proceeds to read the entire chapter out loud! All three of us (Elder Crowther, Elder Nelson and I) were prompted not to stop him, and so we let him continue to read until he finished the chapter. The Spirit was so strong and Steven was excited to offer the closing prayer. We were all so grateful that we listened to the Spirit. 

This week has been amazing and I am so excited to continue to work hard and serve the wonderful Chinese people of California! Love you all have a great week!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Hello everyone! This week has been amazing! I am so grateful for the back-to-back amazing 2 weeks that we've had here. EVANGEL AND BLAIR WERE BOTH BAPTIZED on Sunday! Wow, such an amazing experience. It was the coolest thing ever. I am so grateful to be here in the CRM serving as a missionary. I'll give you more details later, but here is how this week went down.

On Wednesday, another pretty awesome day, we had a lesson with one of our new Investigators, Jessica Yu. Jessica was actually a former investigator who we recently got in contact with and taught her about the Restoration of the Gospel. She is super cool and we are praying that she can continue to progress. It was a great lesson. That night we had a super awesome English Class. We had about 10 people attend! It was super fun and good to have a big group there. We also had a lesson with Michael after class. Michael has recently been going through some really hard times. His wife was deported back to China and he has also lost his job. We taught that despite these difficult things going on in his life, he can ALWAYS find comfort in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a powerful lesson and always a good reminder for each one of us. 

Thursday we were finally able to meet with Shanon again! The Spirit was so strong, and we taught her the about the importance of the Book of Mormon, and prayer, and also how to recognize the Spirit. I shared my testimony and Shanon and I were both crying. It was a powerful experience and one of those times when the Spirit is felt so easily. I know Shannon has a testimony but still won't commit to be baptized. Please please please pray for her! That night, we also got to meet with Hank and Tina! Hank and Tina moved up to San Francisco for 3 months. Hank has an internship there. They will return in 3 months but it was really great seeing them one last time before they left! They are amazing.

Friday was awesome too. We had our last multi-zones conference with President Mullen. President and Sister Mullen both bore their testimonies. They will be completing their mission at the end of this month and returning home. I am really going to miss President Mullen. He is such an awesome guy, and I testify that he receives revelation to guide and direct the California, Riverside Mission! 

This week we also had a Chinese Ward BBQ Activity. I love being with these people. They have a lot of faith. We had some really good Chinese BBQ. It was awesome. 我很喜歡中國的烤肉! 

Elder Willes at the Chinese BBQ

Sunday was super awesome and one of those days that are just super super special. We had a total of 5 investigators that came to church! Evangel, Blair, Michael, Shanon, and Vivian all came to church! It was so awesome. Right after church, EVANGEL AND BLAIR WERE BAPTIZED! The program was so special. Elder Crowther baptized Evangel and I had the opportunity to baptize Blair. Evangel's husband came to support them which is also a big miracle. The Spirit was so strong. After they were both baptized, Evangel and Blair got up in front of everyone, and shared their thoughts. Evangel bore a really strong testimony and shared scriptures that she had memorized from the Book of Mormon!  Blair also said that she felt so happy. They both shared how the Gospel has helped them to be happy. It was such an amazing experience. 

Blair (Evangel's daughter), Elder Willes, Elder Crowther and Evangel

This week has been so awesome. I love this work and I am so excited to continue to bring souls unto Christ! 

Also, Happy Father's Day SHOUT OUT to my Dad, the one and only Beef51! He is one of the best examples to me and has helped me so much become the missionary and person that I am today. Love you Dad! Excited for another awesome week in the sunny CRM. It is hot here in the dessert. Love you all have a great week!

Elder Willes


Hello to all of my family and friends. :) This week has been so so so awesome. I can't wait to tell you about it. We have seen so many MIRACLES - truly, a week of miracles. The Lord continues to bless the work here. 

Yesterday I had one of the most powerful experiences of my entire life. It is next to impossible to put words to it. Jenny's husband recently passed away about a month ago. Sister Flynn, the member, gave Jenny's number to the Church headquarters, and they gave her our phone number. Jenny called us, and we told her that we were the Chinese missionaries. She wasn't even looking for or hadn't requested the Chinese missionaries, but was given our phone number. Jenny is from Shanghai, CHINA!! We went over to see Jenny with Sister Flynn and taught her about the Plan of Salvation. It was the most powerful thing testifying to her that she WILL see her husband again. The Lord is so aware of Jenny and her loss. After the lesson, we couldn't even drive before we stopped, prayed, and thanked Heavenly Father for that experience. Please pray for Jenny. We are so excited for her!

We spend any free time seeking with faith. We are looking and trying to find more people to teach! This week I gave a DDM training on receiving revelation through the Sabbath Day. It went pretty well! I am grateful to have this opportunity. On Tuesday night, we had a dinner appointment with Lorenzo, Jian, and their son Arthur. Lorenzo is Hispanic, and a less-active member of the Church. His wife, Jian, is Chinese, and has not been baptized! We ate dinner with them and shared a message with them about the importance of faith and prayer in our lives. So we now get to teach Jian and Arthur as new investigators and hope that Lorenzo might be strengthened in the process. It was so awesome. We are really excited for them as well.

Wednesday was really cool too! Wednesday night, Elder Crowther and I went down to Lake Elsinore, to be with Evangel as she had her next interview for baptism. She was interviewed by President Crippen, who is a member of the Mission Presidency, and Evangel was found WORTHY to be baptized!!! She will be baptized this upcoming Sunday the 18th. :) I love seeing those I love come closer to Christ.

Thursday we went down to Lake Elsinore again to teach Blair and Evangel. They are progressing so fast, and it is so awesome to see. That evening we were able to meet with Hank and Tina, and help them with their family history. We also reviewed the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity. It was awesome. They are so strong and so full of faith. 

Elder Willes, Hank, Tina, and Elder Nelson

Saturday was such a special day! Hank and Tina went to the temple to do the baptisms and confirmations for their ancestors!!! Who even does that?! Find the missionaries, be taught, choose baptism, do your family history, and take family names to the temple. I am so proud of them. Elder Nelson and I had the opportunity of going with them to the temple, along with some members from the University Heights Ward. The Spirit was so strong. Elder Nelson baptized Hank for his grandfather, and I baptized Tina for her grandmother. It was amazing. At the end, Elder Nelson and I got to baptize each other. It was so so so amazing. It is a day I will never forget! I am so grateful for the work that goes on inside the temple! 

Sunday was also awesome. We had 3 investigators come to church - Evangel, Blair, and Jian all came! Sundays are always pretty hectic and busy, but super good and full. That afternoon, we had a lesson with a couple of former investigators, Winter and her mom Catherine. It was an awesome lesson. They are from Taiwan, and are super cool. Please pray for them!

This week has been amazing. I am so excited to continue to work hard, and labor in the Lord's vineyard. I love this work. Love you all have a great week! 

Elder Willes

Monday, June 5, 2017


Hello everyone!! Thank you for the love and support and prayers. I can feel of your prayers everyday and it helps me so so much. This week has been another great week here in the California, Riverside Mission. I am so beyond thankful for all of the many blessings which Heavenly Father has given us. Here is how our week went down! 

Chasing and catching chickens which needed dusted off for a service project

Shanon, one of our investigators, had us over for dinner and she is continuing to progress!! She is so awesome and is really seeking truth. She asks good questions and really wants to understand if she is feeling the spirit and what that means. We are really excited for her!! We picked up a new investigator this week. Elder Crowther contacted Lawrence Zhu on a blitz. We went and knocked on his door and he let us in! We shared the first couple of points from the Restoration. He is very active in another Christian church but has a strong desire to learn more about Jesus Christ. He is really cool! 

We went down to Lake Elsinore to have another lesson with Evangel's 11 year old daughter, Blair. She is progressing really well and is so smart for her age! I am praying earnestly for Evangel and her family. We were able to finally meet again with Michael after our English class this week. We talked about the importance of keeping commitments and doing the things that you need to do in order to know that these things are true. The basics of prayer, reading from the scriptures, and going to church bring more blessings than we can ever think of. That is when the Lord can really help and guide us. The Spirit was really strong and Michael committed again to do his best to follow Jesus Christ! 

We went to Riverside this week for a lesson with Vivian. She is an investigator from the last area where Elder Nelson and I served! We taught her more about the importance of keeping commitments. A similar lesson to what we taught Michael. It was a great lesson. Also, Elder Nelson and I went on splits and had the opportunity of going to visit Hank and Tina!!! We gave them a Family History training and helped them to set an account. They are preparing to go to the temple this upcoming Saturday with their own family names and we will most likely be able to go with them!!! How cool is that? I am so excited!!

I went out for our weekly blitz this week with Elder Williams and Elder Clark, who is one of my Zone Leaders. It was a blast. We were able to talk to a lot of people and it was fun!!! When we are not teaching, we are seeking. Seeking with faith and looking for those who are ready and prepared to hear about the Savior.

Sunday was awesome. We went to the sacrament meeting at the University Heights Ward. After sacrament meeting, Hank received the Aaronic Priesthood!!!! Elder Nelson did the ordination and the Spirit was so strong. Hank and Tina are so amazing and we are so lucky to know them! At the Eastvale Ward we had 3 investigators that came to church! Evangel, Blair, and Shanon all came! Funny little experience at church. Evangel also brought her 2 year old son, Ceri. He was literally running around everywhere during Sacrament Meeting, including up on the stand! When we finally caught him, Elder Nelson and I basically watched him for the remainder of the meeting so that Evangel could focus. It was so stressful but looking back it was a funny experience!!! Evangel sadly won't be baptized this upcoming Sunday, but please continue to pray for her and her family! I know she is ready but the adversary is working hard on her.

This week has been awesome and I am so excited to continue to work hard and labor in the Lord's Vineyard. Never ever forget Jesus Christ and the sacrifice that He made for each one of us. I love Him and I testify that it is and only through Him that we can become clean. Love you all have a great week!

Elder Willes


"If you get off your knees and complete your prayer and don't feel good about it, get back on your knees 
until you establish communication with your Heavenly Father."

Elder Crowther and I ballin' out

Hello everyone! :) This week has been pretty great here in the CRM. We have really seen the Lord's hand this past week and I know that as we continue to be diligent and work hard, He will continue to bless us. Here is how my week went! 

I finally came back to Eastvale in the early afternoon on Tuesday and we drove straight to have another lesson with Shanon. We taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a great lesson. We invited her again to accept a baptismal date, but she doesn't feel quite ready. We are going to do our best to help her. She is so awesome and full of faith!

I gave a training this week on revelation through prayer at our weekly DLC and DDM meetings. It is a great blessing to prepare for trainings because I learn so much. The one thing that I loved was a quote by Elder McConkie who said something along the lines of, "If you get off your knees and complete your prayer and don't feel good about it, get back on your knees until you establish communication with your Heavenly Father." Super cool. Everyone is entitled to personal revelation through prayer. It is our job to seek it and find out the way that the Lord speaks to us. 

I was able to see Hank and Tina this week!!!!!!!! Elder Nelson and I (we went on splits for the evening) drove to UCR again to teach them the "after baptism lessons." It was so awesome! Hank and Tina are preparing to receive their temple recommends and Hank is going to receive the Aaronic Priesthood. So cool!!!! Hank and Tina have truly been a highlight from my mission. They are full of faith and commitment rarely found.

Friday I spent the morning at the Mission Office attending a District Leader Meeting. It was a really good meeting and I learned a lot. That afternoon we drove down to Lake Elsinore to have another lesson with Evangel. We taught her more of the commandments, specifically the Law of Tithing, the Law of the Fast, and also about the Ten Commandments. I love teaching the simply doctrines and principles in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are so many blessing and the lesson was awesome. After the lesson, Evangel made us dinner, and it was some good Chinese food, which included a drink of white fungus. 

Saturday afternoon we had a lesson with Charlie, one of our investigators that Elder Nelson and I taught at UCR!! It was a sad lesson though. Charlie's parents will not allow him to come to church or accept baptism. We had to "pause" him, and it was a bummer. It is hard when you know someone has felt the spirit of the Lord speaking to them but they can't or won't move forward. I know one day Charlie will be prepared to accept the Gospel. 

That afternoon, we also went and visited Mohammed, a referral in Corona. Turns out, he lives in the same house as Kevin and LuLu, the couple we picked up a couple of weeks ago. We go and knock on the door, and Kevin answered and let us in!!! We had a short lesson with LuLu and answered some of her questions/concerns. We also had a home visit this week with the Miao Family. They are so good to the missionaries and are powerful missionaries themselves. They treated us to some Chinese snacks (fish bacon, dried salted scallops, dried squid, and fish-bread crackers). It was awesome.

Sunday was another great day. We got to attend two sacrament meetings, one in UCR and one in Eastvale. Hank and Tina came to church, and Shanon came to the Eastvale Ward. Evangel sadly wasn't able to make it for church. Please pray for her so that she can take this important step forward in her life! Shanon had a good experience at church and she is doing awesome. We are hoping to have one of our Chinese members share their conversion story with Shannon to help her move forward. I know that as we are diligent and continue to do our best, Heavenly Father will take care of the rest. Love you all have a great week!

Elder Willes


Hello everyone! Well, I officially have been transferred to Wildomar, in the southern half of the mission, in Lake Elsinore...... for the day. :) Elder Drebot, my old Zone Leader needed a companion because he is being transferred down here. So, he asked me to come along for the day. I will be back in Eastvale tomorrow. Elder Nelson will be joining Elder Crowther and I in Eastvale and we will officially be a trio. I was also called to be the District Leader again and I am excited about that opportunity to serve. The three of us are going to work so hard. That I can promise you. Here is how my week went!

We taught Shanon again this week. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and it was a really great lesson. I am so grateful for the wonderful opportunity to teach Shannon. She is so awesome. We also went down to Lake Elsinore and had another lesson with Eva Huang. She sadly hasn't kept her commitments, so we only had time to teach her a couple of principles from the Restoration. Please pray for both of these ladies!

Wednesday was super awesome! Elder Crowther and I went down to Lake Elsinore again to have our first lesson with Blair who is Evangel's 11 year-old daughter! It was so awesome. Blair is super smart, and already has a strong desire to learn about Jesus Christ. We taught her about the Restoration and she accepted a baptismal date for June 18th!! Pray for her and her family as well. 

We picked up another new investigator, John Zhai. John is currently living with the Li Family, and he is pretty awesome. We taught him the Plan of Salvation. He had a lot of questions and already goes to a different church but we are going to see if we can continue to teach him about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

We continue to spend a lot of time out Seeking With Faith. We are doing our best to find the elect and prepared souls. We also had an awesome English Class this week. We are really excited for our area. 

On Saturday morning we had our Weekly Blitz. I went out with Elder Olsen, one of my first Zone Leaders in the mission! He is an awesome missionary. We weren't able to find any referrals, but we talked to a lot of people and planted a lot of seeds. :) 

Sunday was craziness, but super great! We had 3 investigators come to church on Sunday. Evangel, her 11 year-old daughter Blair, and Shanon all came to church!! During our second hour of church, we had another lesson with Evangel, to teach her about some of the commandments, and prepare her for baptism. All of the sudden, her husband texted her, and said that he was sick, so she had to leave early. :( We had scheduled her interview directly following church, but that didn't happen, so she will have to wait until June 4th to be baptized! Please pray for her, and that she can have her interview this next Sunday, and that she can progress towards baptism. 

This week has been awesome. I really am excited to continue to work hard, and help those in need come unto the Savior. This is the greatest and most important work on the earth, and I am so grateful to be a part of it. Love you all have a great week! 

Elder Willes