Wednesday, February 22, 2017


"FEAST on the words of Christ. Don't snack, don't diet, 
but FEAST on the words of Christ - just like it's Thanksgiving Day."

Ni hao! This week has been pretty awesome. We have found a lot more success this past week and we even taught 2 lessons. Slowly but surely this area is about to blow up with so many MIRACLES. Stay tuned! :) Here is my week!

Elder Willes with his companions Elder Zeng and Elder Nelson and missionaries that served previously in the
California, Riverside Mission - including Dexter Murray, a friend from Bountiful.

On Tuesday we had an exchange. Elder Nelson and I worked with Elder Sanchez, a Spanish Elder, in our area. We spent most of the day Seeking With Faith at UCR. It was super fun and we talked with a lot of cool people!! 

Wednesday was a pretty long day and most of the day we spent at the hospital. Elder Nelson was in the hospital because they thought he had appendicitis. He doesn't and is doing well and we are grateful that everything turned out okay for him. That evening I went out and worked with the University Heights Elders. We stopped by and saw a few of their potential investigators, and even found this way cool guy, Steve. He randomly asked us to share a scripture with him, so I shared Matthew 19:26. ["But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible."] Steve loved it! We got his contact information, and the University Height Elders are teaching him again later today :) We also went by and visited the Armstrongs - an awesome family in our ward. I also had a soda for the first time on my mission!!

WE TAUGHT A  COUPLE OF LESSONS! We are beginning to see a few small miracles as we taught Fred, a UCR student, who has some interest in listening to our message about Jesus Christ on Thursday. We actually taught him in English, because English is his first language. We taught him about the Restoration of the Gospel. He liked it, but doesn't really see a need for religion in his life. Please pray for him! Also, on Saturday we had another lesson with Mike, who is another student at UCR. He has a man-bun! Makes me miss the good old long hair ;) Mike's family has a Christian background and he has a twin brother! This lesson was in Chinese. We taught him also about the Plan of Salvation. It was great! Mike gave an awesome prayer at the end of the lesson. We think we will have another lesson with him on Saturday. He is another who could use all of your prayers.

We again did service this week and cleaned up the softball field for the ward game this Saturday. We also had multi-zones training and I learned a lot. I want to become a better servant of Jesus Christ. At the end of the meeting, we had a big testimony meeting and Elder Zeng gave his final testimony and Elder Nelson gave his first. Super cool! 

You might recognize him from a few movies including a personal favorite, "Church Ball"

Something awesome that I learned this past week was from President Mullen. During multi-zones he talked about the Doctrine of Christ, and how in 2 Nephi 31:20 it encourages each one of us to FEAST on the words of Christ. Don't snack, don't diet, but FEAST on the words of Christ - just like it's Thanksgiving Day. Love you all and have a great week! 

Elder Willes

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