Sunday, January 29, 2017


"I am excited to give it my all, and help people Come Unto Christ. That is the goal, 
and I have the faith that it is going to happen."

Hello everyone and Happy Birthday to my Dad. His birthday is this week. I love him so much and appreciate his example. Love you BEEF!

Another great week out here in the mission field and this one is my last week serving in Eastvale. I am now headed to UCR (University of California Riverside)! My companions will be Elder Zeng (from China) and Elder Nelson (from West Valley, UT). I already love them and know we will all work hard together! I will finish Elder Nelson's training beginning next transfer.  Elder Zeng finishes his mission at the end of February and will be going home. 

This week was crazy. Before I even started my new tri-panionship, I've been serving in another trio this past week with Elder Yang (from China) and Elder Crowther (a new missionary, most recently from Washington, D.C.).

It's been non-stop rain here with lots of flooding. We weren't not allowed outside to work on Sunday because of the weather. The extra study time is good as I am working so hard on my Chinese, but I'd always rather be out working. It poured all day and there were crazy floods everywhere. Kind of crazy.

The Nature Center gave me this sweet hat. :)

We saw a small miracle this week. We found 2 investigators at 2 different parks this week and were able to teach them both. We taught the Restoration and invited both Evelyn and Brother Zhu to pray. Both, gave really heart-felt prayers in their lessons. We also taught Yi and Nicole this week. We haven't seen them in awhile because they have been in China but they are back now. We had another lesson with Monica and invited her to be baptized. She said she doesn't feel ready but we will continue to pray for her and do our best to help her!

This week, on Friday afternoon, we drove to the Jurupa Chapel for another "Family History Training." I am so grateful for family history. I am so grateful for the temple and the sacred work and ordinances and covenants that we can perform in the temple for our ancestors. On Saturday we had a transfer breakfast at President Jorgensen's home. He is our Stake President. We spent a lot of that afternoon Seeking With Faith, and trying to visit referrals. 

Sunday was another awesome Sunday. Since it was the 4th Sunday of the month, we had a Chinese Sacrament Meeting. Elder Crowther bore his testimony, and we heard talks from Brother and Sister Zhang. I also said the closing prayer. It was awesome! 

Yesterday, on Monday, I moved most of my stuff to UCR, and then we went and worked in that area for most of the day. Elder Zeng, Elder Nelson and I walked and walked and talked to lots of people seeking for people ready to hear about the Savior. I am super excited for this new opportunity to work at UCR. I am excited to give it my all, and help people Come Unto Christ. That is the goal, and I have the faith that it is going to happen. Love you all have a great week! 

Elder Willes

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