Monday, January 9, 2017


"Lots of opportunities to give service this week. Imagine Elder Zeng, Elder Yang and I trying to set up 
Christmas lights. It must've been a sight to see!"

Elder Willes, Elder Zeng and Elder Yang

I love these people (thank you to Sister Miao who sent these pictures home)
Hello everyone!!! This week has been incredible. We have been working hard with Brother Ning. He is actually moving back to China on Christmas Day, so we moved his baptismal date to December 24th. I am so happy to say that last night Brother Ning was found worthy to enter the waters of baptism on Christmas Eve!!! He asked me to do the confirmation in sacrament meeting on Christmas Day. :) We are so excited!!!!! Truly a Christmas Miracle!!!!! Continue to pray for Brother Ning please. He is such a great man. I love him.

Brother Ning and Elder Willes
I gave Brother Ning my tie and he wore it to church on Sunday

This week we started teaching the Chen Family. A family is a rare thing to find so this is such a blessing. The Chen family is a referral from the Li Family. They are super awesome and we are excited to continue to work with them! We also had some powerful lessons with Brother Ning this week. On Friday we taught him about tithing, chastity and the word of wisdom. He is so prepared and we are so grateful for him and for his love of the Lord. We also taught YoYo and Perry this week after English class. They are not keeping their commitments well and aren't really progressing. We will continue to pray for them. It is amazing to see the difference in someone's countenance when they are progressing and seeking out God.

Tuesday we had Zone Conference for most of the day. We drove to the mission office, got our car inspected and our area book inspected too. The entire Jurupa Zone then received training from President and Sister Mullen and the APs. On Wednesday we had service in the morning. We helped the Jiangs set up their Christmas lights. Imagine Elder Zeng, Elder Yang and I trying to set up Christmas lights. It must've been a sight to see! 

Things are really progressing here in Eastvale! We are working so hard and the Lord is really blessing us. We met with Brother Miao this week to talk about missionary work in our area. Brother Miao is the best. There is much to accomplish here and there are many people who need this message about the Savior. I am so grateful to be a missionary. I am grateful for the priesthood. I was able to give Sister Phillips, a ward member who helps with English class, a blessing this week after class. I love being able to help others in some small way.

On Thursday we helped the Li Family in the morning get medical insurance for their son Thomas. We also went to UCR, and found out they are having a "Christmas Break" so there wasn't really anyone there :( That night we had a lesson with Brother Xu. We taught him about the restoration of the Gospel! It is amazing to really think about the Lord loving us enough to give us the full Gospel back on the earth. We invited Brother Xu to Church on Sunday and he accepted our invitation! 

Saturday was crazy! We had a service project in the morning at Mt. Roubidoux High School and gave presents to kids and sang carols with them. We then drove all the way to Menifee to visit a referral, his name is Brother Qi. He is super cool! We invited him to church and he said he will try and come! We will go back again this week. We also had another lesson with YoYo and Perry. We finished the Plan of Salvation with them and talked about the Restoration. We also taught Brother Xu about the word of wisdom! He has a little bit of a smoking problem but committed that he will try to keep the word of wisdom! I know the Lord can help him. Please pray for them!

Sunday was so awesome. My day started off right by eating rabbit. Haha tastes kind of like chicken, not too bad. We had 5 investigators at church! YoYo and Perry, Brother Ning, Brother Xu, and Sister Li. They are all so awesome. Brother Ning also was found worthy to be baptized this coming week!!! We are so excited for him!!!! We also had a white elephant activity with all of the Chinese members which was way fun! I am so grateful for Heavenly Father and the miracles we have seen this week! They are everywhere. Look for them.

Shout out to my big bro Will. He gets married this week. Congrats to Will and Cynthia.

Love you everyone hope you all have a great week!

Merry Christmas!

Elder Willes 

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