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Elder Willes and Elder Nelson


Monday, July 31, 2017

你們好!!! 這裡是魏長老. I hope you all are having a great week at home. This week has been another pretty great one here in the Eastvale area! We have seen many miracles this past week and we are excited to continue to work hard! Here is how my week went down. 

Tuesday was a great day!!! That morning, we drove to Riverside, to have a lesson with a referral from a member. Sister Dietrich, a member in Riverside, has a daughter, who has a friend, (still following?) that is from ShangHai, China. We went, and taught her the message of the Restoration and it was a great lesson. Her name is Rono. At the end of the lesson, Rono said a prayer for the first time ever and I felt the Spirit really strong. It was really cool! It is amazing to see someone realize that we can really talk to God. That afternoon, we also had a lesson with Apple. We contacted Apple on the street about 2 weeks ago, and scheduled a time to meet with her. She is from Taiwan! It was a really great lesson. We hope that she will be coming to church this Sunday!!!

We had a lesson with Echo and Joanna Zhou. Joanna is actually a former investigator that we had to "pause" a while ago, because we couldn't meet with her. She came to our English Class this week and we taught her and her friend Echo too! We taught them about the Restoration. At the end of the lesson, Echo said that she wanted to pray about our message to decide if it is the right thing for her to do. Please pray for them that Heavenly Father can answer Echo's prayers and that she might recognize that answer!

This week I gave a training for our weekly DDM on the role of the Holy Ghost in Conversion. The Spirit was strong and helped us all o learn that day. Our English class is going well. It is pretty awesome and a great help to us in finding. We are doing our best to get as many people as we can to attend. We also went on exchanges this week with our Zone Leaders. Elder Williams and I spent the day together and we were able to pick up one new investigator for their area. We also had a lesson with a man named Skylar. It was really powerful. At the start of the lesson, Skylar was smoking a cigarette, and not really paying attention. A little bit into the lesson, he dropped the cigarette, and started paying attention, and answering questions. It was really cool to see the Spirit of the Lord work on someone. Such a cool experience!

Saturday was another pretty awesome day. That afternoon, we went to Guns's house, to have another lesson with him! We finished teaching Guns about the plan of salvation. Guns is very involved in his current Christian church, so please pray for him and his family that they can continue to learn and progress! That night, we had another lesson with Jacky! We taught him more about Jesus Christ, and His life. We were able to put him on date for baptism, for August 20th! Please pray for him, that his work will allow him to come to church on Sundays, so he can be baptized on that date!

Sunday was another awesome day. We only had one investigator come to Church. Bao Jie Mei came to church, and it was awesome! She expressed her strong desire to be baptized, but sadly is going back to China this next week. We know that whether now or in a future time, Bao Jie Mei will accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a good Sabbath Day, and I was grateful for the opportunity to worship my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

This week has been awesome. We are really excited to continue to work hard, and to labor in the Lord's Vineyard. I love the Lord, and I love His work! Love you all hope you have a great week!

Elder Willes

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