Tuesday, April 18, 2017


"Christ had a perfected, resurrected body. 
The tomb wasn't opened to let Him out, it was opened to let us see in." 
Wow. So awesome and cool, recognizing the importance of the Resurrection. 
Christ has the power to do all things, and could have easily left the tomb, without rolling back the stone,
 but instead He invites us all to come unto Him to "see in."

Elder Willes with his new companion Elder Crowther

Hello everyone and HAPPY EASTER FROM EASTVALE!! I hope you have all had the chance to watch the #PrinceofPeace video online. If you haven't, take a minute and watch. It will make your day a little better.This week has been pretty good. My companion, Elder Crowther and I, have really been working hard to help others to come unto Christ. What a cool message to share the week of Easter. This past week, we picked up 10 new investigators. It was awesome. I love teaching about the Savior. He can help anyone. 

I have served in Eastvale and I know there are prepared Chinese here. We just have to go find them. Elder Crowther and I have really worked hard this past week to find, find, and do more finding. 

On Wednesday morning we taught one of our investigators, Sister Du. Sister Du and her family recently moved from Diamond Bar. Her husband was baptized in Diamond Bar,and she has a strong desire to follow in the Savior's example and be baptized. We taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited her to be baptized. She accepted a date for May 14th!!! It was awesome to see her feel the Spirit and have the courage to act. I felt like the Spirit was really strong in that lesson. That night before English class, we also taught Lily Gui, and her two friends, Zou Jie Mei and Zhao Jie Mei. We taught them the first couple of points of the Restoration. It's a lot for them to take in. We also had English Class and after that, we then had a lesson with Michael. Elder Crowther was teaching another lesson, (in the same room), and I taught Michael with Sister Li. A good problem to have. More people to teach than there are missionaries. We taught Michael about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and he accepted a baptismal date also for May 14th! May 14th might end of being the best day of my mission so far.

Thursday morning we taught another potential investigator, Zodiac. We taught him the first couple of points from the Restoration. It was alright. We invited him to pray and read from the Book of Mormon and testified of the truthfulness of this amazing book. He doesn't have the greatest desire but we are praying for him! This week while seeking for prepared people we found Sarah, in a park. We also taught her about the Restoration and  invited her to pray everyday. She agreed to try! 

Friday was awesome. I love doing service at the one and only Louis Roubidoux Nature Center. It was crazy being back there so quickly. I love that place. We spent most of the day on Saturday in Rancho Cucomonga. We had a lesson with a potential investigator, Sister Wang. We arrived at her house, and found another Chinese couple there. We started teaching all of them, and had a great start to the lesson. After a little while though, they become frustrated with lack of understanding. We kept trying and trying to teach it simply, but they just couldn't understand. It was such a bummer. That night, we knocked on Brother Pu's house, a less active in our ward. Yang Guang answered the door, an investigator who I taught when I served previously here in Eastvale with Elder Zeng and Elder Yang! We ended up sitting down with him and taught him the lesson on the Restoration. It was awesome! He is super great. 

Also, Sister Lin, from my last area, will most likely be baptized this coming Sunday. I will be able to go to that!!!! :) I am so excited. Please pray for her and all our investigators. 

Easter Sunday was special. Something awesome that was shared at church was about the stone, that was securing the sepulcher. "Christ had a perfected, resurrected body. The tomb wasn't opened to let Him out, it was opened to let us see in." Wow. So awesome and cool, recognizing the importance of the Resurrection. Christ has the power to do all things, and could've easily left the tomb, without rolling back the stone but instead He invites us all to Him to see. Super cool! Love you all have a great week!

Elder Willes 

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