Monday, June 26, 2017


"We were all so grateful that we listened to the Spirit."

Hello everyone!!! This week has been another amazing one!

First off, I just wanted to give a little shout out to Kenz, who was called to serve in the ALPINE GERMAN SPEAKING MISSION!!!!!!! So excited for you!!! I testify and know that Heavenly Father calls us to a people, and that He is in the details of everyday missionary life. He matches our attributes, talents, gifts, and other qualities to specific people who need the light and hope of Jesus Christ. 

Congrats to Sister Kenzie Kasteler

Some sad news, they are breaking up the trio. :( Elder Crowther was transferred to Corona, to serve as an English speaking missionary. It is sad for sure, but I know that he will do a great job, and we will be able to serve around each other again. I am excited to continue to serve with Elder Nelson! Here is how my week went down!

Our week started Monday evening with a lot of time out seeking with faith, trying to find the prepared Chinese souls. Tuesday morning we had our weekly DLC and DDM meetings. It was awesome! We also had an exchange with the Eastvale English Elders. Elder Cousineau and I went and worked in their area. We spent most of the day out seeking and trying to visit with former investigators. That night, we taught one of their investigators, Tony Garcia. Tony hasn't been coming to church recently and so we tried to address his concerns and answer some of his questions. It was a pretty good lesson!! Wednesday was another day of exchanges. I went out with Elder Brown (my Zone Leader) and worked that area with him. The day was full of more seeking with faith and visiting former investigators in their area. We also had a home visit with a really cool family in the Jurupa Ward -  the Turner's! 

Elder Brown and Elder Willes making a contribution to the free book exchange library

We taught Jacky this week. He is a referral from the Arcadia missionaries. We met him in the middle of the 99 Ranch Chinese Market and taught him several points about the Restoration. He really loved it! He is a cool guy. Please pray for him! It is amazing that missionary work and the spirit can be felt anywhere and anytime if we are ready.

Friday night after our English class we had a really good lesson with Michael Xu. He has progressed so much over the last couple of weeks. Please pray for him as well! He is scheduled for baptism on 7/2 but we will most likely have to change his date! We had an awesome lesson with Christine, Xiong Di Xiong's 10 year old daughter. We taught her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and put her on date for baptism on 7/9!!!!! We are also super excited for her. Please also add her to your prayers. This week we met with Winter and Catherine again and taught them about the importance of families. It was another good lesson!

Sunday was amazing! We had 4 investigators come to church. Michael, Shanon, Christine and Vivian all came! It was so so so awesome. We also picked up 4 new investigators on Sunday! We drove all the way down to Hemet to meet with Cher, a referral that we received from missionaries down there. We taught her and her friend, Wendy, about the Restoration. We taught them in a restaurant that they own - China Garden. It reminded me of Yang Chow in downtown LA!!! It was a great lesson. Sunday night, we also met with Steven and Jerry, some guys that we met recently at Orchard Park, and taught them about the Restoration. At the end of the lesson, we were sharing with them Moroni 10. We asked Steven to read verses 3-5, and instead he proceeds to read the entire chapter out loud! All three of us (Elder Crowther, Elder Nelson and I) were prompted not to stop him, and so we let him continue to read until he finished the chapter. The Spirit was so strong and Steven was excited to offer the closing prayer. We were all so grateful that we listened to the Spirit. 

This week has been amazing and I am so excited to continue to work hard and serve the wonderful Chinese people of California! Love you all have a great week!

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