Saturday, May 20, 2017


"This week has been great. I can't wait for the next one!! I love the Lord, and I love His work."

This week has been awesome. I am excited to continue to work hard and help my Chinese brothers and sisters come to know their Savior. Elder Crowther is a great missionary and has a strong desire to serve the Lord. We have been seeing a lot of miracles together! This week has been great one. Here is how it all went down. 

On Monday night, we drove to Chino, to meet with Joanna, who had been a former investigator of previous missionaries. We really have been utilizing our "area book" to find more people that are prepared to receive the Gospel. We met with her, and had a great lesson about the Restoration. The Spirit was strong during the lesson and she accepted an invitation to pray and read from the Book of Mormon everyday! It is in these small steps that miracles happen.

I spent the better portion of the day on Tuesday at the hospital with Elder Gulbranson, who sadly injured his leg playing basketball. :( Please pray for him to heal! I had the opportunity of giving him a priesthood blessing and we know that it is through the Atonement, all is possible. 

Wednesday was SO COOL!!! That afternoon, we had another lesson with Shanon, one of our investigators. We arrived at her house, and we starting talking about her son who is currently on a mission in Boston. I knew that he left around the same time as I did, and so I asked her if she had any pictures of her son, to see if I knew him. She showed me a couple of pictures and it turns out, I met him while I was in the MTC! I met him on one of his first days in the MTC, and we played a lot of basketball together. It was truly a miracle. In that moment the Spirit hit us all so strong. She then explained to us that her son had expressed to her that her meeting with us was an answer to his prayers. Wow!!!! Such an amazing experience. Shanon is so awesome. Please pray that she will continue to progress and come unto Christ!! We are so grateful that we get to teach her. 

We had a full day of a multi-zone conference. I learned a lot on how I can become a better missionary. In preparation for these meetings, President Mullen asked us to read the talk, "The Tongue Can Be A Sharp Sword." This talk is amazing. It really helps me to treat everyone as Christ would. I would encourage you all to go and read it! Also, one of the things that stood out to me was during one of President Mullen's trainings, he asked us a question. "Do you have the same faith to find the elect as you do when you are giving a priesthood blessing of healing?" We have the faith in healing and miracles, but do we have the faith to find the elect? I really loved this! 

Elder Jackson - my homie

We had another awesome English Class this week and continued our visits. We were able to visit Pu Di Xiong, a less-active member in the Eastvale Ward. It was great! We shared the importance of the Sacrament and why it is important that we renew our covenants each week. 

Sunday was awesome. Evangel and Michael came to Church!!!! Evangel also brought her 11 year old daughter, Blair. We are going down to Lake Elsinore to teach her on Wednesday, and we are praying we can continue to help them come unto Christ. I also had the wonderful opportunity of Skyping home for Mother's Day which was so awesome!!! Overall, a great Sunday. :) 

This week has been great. I can't wait for the next one!! I love the Lord, and I love His work. Love you all have a great week!

Elder Willes

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