Sunday, December 11, 2016


"On Thanksgiving day Elder Zeng, Elder Yang and I also went and delivered "Thank-You" cards 
to pretty much every ward member to show everyone we are thankful for them!!"

Hello everyone . I hope you are all doing well! This week we have seen many miracles and the work seems to really be progressing. By the way I caught a touchdown in the Turkey Bowl!!!!! I am like Odell Beckham Jr out here.

Last p-day we had a crossfit workout (every other transfer, half of the mission gets together) with President Mullen. That is super fun. President Mullen is a beast!!! He did the workout without breaking a sweat. Such an awesome guy. 

Elder Yang and Elder Ly at DDM with Elder Willes

We had our weekly DLC and DDM meetings. Elder Zeng gave another training about prayer which was awesome. That afternoon, we met a guy named Yu Tao, who has come to English class. We talked for a while, and shared the "Light the World" Christmas initiative with him and he really liked it. We haven't been able to contact him since, but we are hoping he comes to English class so we can schedule another appointment!! That night, we had a FHE at the Miao's house. We invited the Li family, and Yoyo, Perry, and their son Robin! It was awesome! We shared a message about the Restoration, then played games relating to the Gospel. It was so good to have Yoyo and Perry there!

Wednesday was pretty awesome. We went to Harada Park and found about 10 Chinese people playing TaiJi (I think that is how it is spelled haha). We talked with them for a while and it was good to find a lot of Chinese people so we can get to know them, and see if they have interest in the Gospel or in English Class. In the afternoon, I had an every-transfer interview with President Mullen. He is an awesome guy, and has such a strong spirit and testimony. 

Thursday was THANKSGIVING!!! In the morning, we had a Turkey Bowl, and I caught a TD!!! That was super fun. On Thanksgiving day Elder Zeng, Elder Yang and I also went and delivered "Thank-You" cards to pretty much every ward member to show everyone we are thankful for them!! We also had our "Weekly Planning Session" too. For Thanksgiving, we had 2 dinners. The first dinner was with Sister Budica, her family, and the River Heights Elders. Sister Budica made the BEST food for us!!! So good. Then straight from there, we drove to a Chinese Thanksgiving potluck at the Jiangs! I was already so full but then I had to eat more Chinese food. That night, we went to the Stake Center and had another activity with missionaries. Elder Hall (one of the senior couple missionaries) and I played some HORSE! He can ball and has a sweet skyhook! That was fun.

This week at English class we had 5 new people show up which was awesome!!! I love English class. It is a good tool for us. We also went on Friday and visited a former investigator, Daphne. She said that we could call her this week to come by, so we are hoping we can teach her! 

Saturday we had our weekly "Blitz." This week, I went out with Elder Zeng and Elder Jackson. We talked to about 10 people, and none really had any interest :( We also had dinner with the Su Family. We shared the Christmas message with them and that was awesome. The Chinese members here are great and help us. I love them so much! 

Sunday was awesome!!! Church was so great. Yoyo, Perry, and Robin all came to church!! They loved it. During Elders Quorum, Perry gave a great comment about the Plan of Salvation, and Heavenly Father's love. So cool!! I love seeing him progress. Sunday night, the zone leaders had a baptism. If you bring an investigator to the baptism, then as missionaries you can attend. We brought Yoyo, Perry, and Robin! So awesome. They loved it. After the baptism, we invited them to be baptized on December 31st. They said that they still want to learn more, so we invited them to pray about if that is the right time for them. Please pray for them! Also Sunday night we were visiting Ding Di Xiong, (a less active) and found Brother Ning there!!! He said he wants to come back to church and said he will come this Sunday. Miracles everywhere!!! The Lord really watches over his missionaries and those seeking truth. 

I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve. Love you all have a great week!  

Elder Willes

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