Saturday, November 19, 2016


"Through the Atonement, the Savior came to know us. 
Through His Atonement, we can come to know the Savior." 

I love that. Through Christ's Atonement, ALL is possible. 
Hello everyone :) I can't believe another p-day is already here!! Crazy stuff. This week has been pretty good. Monday after p-day we had a dinner appointment with a Chinese family in our ward. They fed us some pretty good Chinese food and we shared a message with them. After we left my companions asked me, "How was the food?" I was like, "It was pretty good!" And then my comps asked, "Did you know what you were eating?" I said "Pork, right?" Hahaha wellllll turns out it was pork but it was some good old PIGS EAR and I felt a little queasy for the rest of the night.

Tuesday was pretty good! We had zone meetings all throughout the morning. We talked about goals, how we can improve and be better missionaries, and also received some training from our zone leaders. We did our studies and then ate dinner with another Chinese couple in our ward, The Chen's. They are awesome. Sister Chen leads the music every week in Sacrament meeting. After dinner, we went out and worked, trying hard to find more investigators. We tried to visit a couple of potential investigators too, but they didn't answer the door :( We also ran into a bunch of old Chinese ladies doing a traditional Chinese dance on the tennis courts. They were nice and we tried talking to all of them, but no one really had much interest in our message. 

So, the next day we tried a new approach to finding new investigators. We drove to the 99 Cent Ranch Market. This is basically a big Chinese Supermarket. We talked to a lot of Chinese people, and found a couple who had some interest which was awesome. We also had English class which was awesome as usual. We probably had our most successful English class yet! There were quite a bit of people there. 

We continue to work hard and contact on the UCR campus. I love working on the campus, but this week we didn't have very many people who were interested in our message. That night we drove to a referrals house, Zhou JieMei. We talked with her for about 30 minutes, and she is awesome!!!! The problem is, her family is going back to China this week and they aren't coming back until the end of December. We tried to schedule a time where we could come and meet with her before then but she said we can contact her when she gets back. Kind of a bummer :(

Friday we had a lesson with another referral, Sherry. She is great, but has a lot of questions and doesn't believe in God. She doesn't really have a ton of interest to continue to meet, but we will keep on trying!! Friday night, Elder Ly (from my Zone) and I went to teach the UCR English class. Sadly, no one showed up. So Elder Ly and I went out and contacted people. I did two solid Chinese contacts all by myself (since Elder Ly doesn't speak Chinese) and I was pretty proud of myself! 

We had our weekly Blitz Saturday morning and I was put with Elder Wood this time. We worked so hard but weren't as successful this time. That's okay. I love the Blitz's!!! That night we visited Zhu Di Xiong (the dad of the family who is showing interest). We talked for a while and answered some of his questions. He is super busy and doesn't want to commit to anything. We will continue to work with him and pray for him!

Sunday was pretty awesome as usual. We had a missionary farewell in our ward for Daniel Torres, he is going to Chile. We also had one of our investigators at church!! Yang Di Xiong is his name. He lives with his daughter and she doesn't really want him to come to church but they made an agreement and he came which is so awesome! We had a lesson with him on Wednesday after English class. Then after church we had a lesson with a potential investigator from the 99 Cent Ranch Market. Her name is Joan Wu. We taught her the Restoration, and it was a pretty good lesson! We invited her to pray to know the truthfulness of our message and so we are praying for her! 

This week has been better! I am continuing to learn every single day and I am grateful I have this opportunity to work as hard as I can for the people here. One cool thing I learned this week, "Through the Atonement, the Savior came to know us. Through His Atonement, we can come to know the Savior." I love that. Through Christ's Atonement, ALL is possible. Love you all have a great week!

Elder Willes

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